Yaeji – One More

A little over a week ago, producer Kathy Yaeji Lee unveiled the video for her newest song ‘One More’. Released at the end of September and acting as the first follow-up to her second EP, aptly titled EP2, the song reminded listeners of Yaeji’s subtle brilliance. The video does the same. Using repetition, an eye for details, and clarity, director Alex Gvojic is able to capture the New York-based artist’s understated genius.

Lit in shades of blue and pink and contained within a small apartment, the clip finds Yaeji going about her morning routine.  She texts while on the toilet, she cooks, she feeds a goldfish, all the while someone is spinning at the decks against one wall. She goes back to sleep. She wakes up. She passes her own self doing the same things she does every day. She’s also the one at the DJ booth. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat, the only thing that is constant is the music. Moments begin to layer on top of each other, but Yaeji remains emotionless, until she begins to slip through a blue, pink, and purple liquid portal. On the other end, she is having a party in her apartment and she is happy.

Yaeji described ‘One More’ as being “about enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on.” In the video she goes through her day, one step at a time, hammering out the details… enduring. And then there is a party – she has moved on. Without being too literal or too over-the-top, Gvojic captures these emotions, and even throws in a few ferns to remind listeners of the tropicalia-influenced tones of the music. There is also a billboard displaying moving characters, which remarks on the song’s urban feeling, and the producer’s New York home.

Yaeji has always possessed the ability to communicate with a straightforward and detached ease that lends her music an effortless cool. But what has made it special is her ability to fill songs with lines like “Mother Russia in my cup” with the kind of loneliness that must come from such posturing. ‘One More’ takes Yaeji’s natural talent for syllabic architecture and imbues it with emotional texture.

It can prove difficult to show the beauty and intelligence behind a talent like Yaeji, whose greatest gift might be finesse. In the ‘One More’ video, however, Gvojic uses his similar gifts to capture hers.


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