Yeule – Pretty Bones

Back in April of 2018 we talked about Yeule. The Singaporean artist’s single, ‘Pocky Boy‘ appeared from left of center, digging through the compulsive consumer habits of a culture at odds with itself. Yeule very quickly established herself as an artist of unique scope. She somehow tackled a familiar trope as if from a new tradition. Now she’s back, signed to Bayonet Records, and with a new video for her track ‘Pretty Bones’. And just like ‘Pocky Boy’, this work feels significant, untypical. Good.

Lyrical content deals with impermanence, uncertainty of anything but decay. And, as the title suggests, Yeule cuts to the framework that somehow ties all of this together. Somehow, in the center of a process which dismantles itself, we root out associations, meanings, and love affairs. And we hold back our frail selves, sometimes requiring bravery from others.

“i dont know how to tell you 
i dont know how to tell you 
you tell me”

The video is directed by Joy Song. We open with a rose in a melting ice block… which suddenly reverses back to the frozen state of suspension. Then we’re away. Fruit, jewels, ice, light… everything is beautiful, waxy-looking but real, hyper-real. Magnified bugs, the activities of bio-cells, and Yeule dancing against a rubber wall, a reflection of herself. The small and magical details of a personal world are explored. Everything is at work, everything is moving toward an end, beautifully.

Like ‘Pocky Boy’, ‘Pretty Bones’ continues a particular and unforced vision of an artist who lives outside of the mainstream, with no intention of inviting herself in. Once again, Yeule delivers.


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