Yowler – Go

Aching isolation permeates the air throughout “Go” by Yowler. You can feel the fractures in Maryn Jones broken parts. The feeling stemming from all too well-known emotions found within everyone, emptiness and self-doubt. It’s a song made to be listened to alone, but be aware of the effects it might have you and prepare to call a friend for a long talk after.

“And I didn’t wanna give it up / But I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so lost / And somehow still an empty page / And the demons still know me by name,” sings Jones early in the track. The gravity of her words pull you in, sinking those heavy feelings inside your skin. “Go” is the kind of song that will open up a well inside of you, and immediately you will feel water bubbling to your pores, threatening to pour out.

“Go” finds Jones completely vulnerable and her tenderness is on full display. The song is built from a simple drum machine beat and an electric piano, and it’s the track’s spare nature that gives the singer’s voice center stage as it exposes its darkest corners.

Yowler’s vocals bleed slowly out allowing you to fall deeper into her despair, “And again so sentimental I got from my severance from God / I wasn’t sure about commitment / but now I’m burning for all my sins.” The song grabs you, pulling you into those hard-to-escape feelings of self doubt that eventually overtake many artists.

“Go” by Yowler possess a naked vulnerability that engulfs its listener, stirring up emotions that may have long been put to bed.

The song will appear as a new track on the re-release of Yowler’s 2015 solo debut album, The Offer. Double Double Whammy will reissue the record on vinyl this summer.

For its naked vulnerability and straightforward honesty, we give “Go” by Yowler six out of seven lonely tear-filled nights.


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