Yumi Zouma – Bruise

Loss and sadness can lead to unbridled freedom. Change, or just its glowing essence on a hill, encourages creative development. This is the case with ‘Bruise’, the new song from Yumi Zouma.

Yumi Zouma has always had a bit of a fluctuating nature. Following the completion of the New Zealand quintet’s tour for their second LP Willowbank, guitarist Sam Perry left the band to concentrate on his own project, DOG Power. That left Yumi Zouma as a quartet for the first time and they followed by returning to their old, long distance production ways and unveiled EP III last October.

This week, the group dropped ‘Bruise’. Yumi has always made music that seems ideal for dancing on the beach at night as neon frolics across the waves, but their new track breaths fresh life into that scene.

The drums are crisper and there is new energy behind the gooey, elastic bass. Synths swirl in, smooth and filling as the band has always made them, but a new feeling exists in the juxtaposition. At times, sounds are sparser, singular pieces are allowed to shine through. While at others, there seem to be more layers and vocals blend together more harmoniously. The result is a shift in light, one that sees Yumi Zouma moving closer to a new dawn.

The band said about the new track, “On “EP III”, we were literally finishing tracks the day before they had to be turned in and uploaded. This helped us to realise that we could release our next songs in a more direct way, and put “Bruise” out independently. The origins of “Bruise” were steeped in loss, but the track has become a beacon of optimism for us. We started writing the instrumental after our great friend Sam told us he was leaving the band and moving to Serbia. We were all distraught until Josh said, “Cheer me up guys – let’s write a song for Nelly Furtado”. Nelly never replied but we came up with a smash.”


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