ZelooperZ – Easter Sunday 97 ft. Earl Sweatshirt

Summer is a time of collaboration. Friends are made. Friends come together. Under blue skies in warmer weather, everyone one is a bit looser. This holds true when it comes to music as well. People are looking for that jam that brings soulful good times. Good music, good people, that’s what summer is about. With that in mind, ZelooperZ teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt for ‘Easter Sunday 97’.

‘Easter Sunday 97’ pulls sunny, soul samples to create its upbeat and classic summertime offering. Made up of just two verses, one from ZelooperZ, aka Walter Williams, the other from Earl, the track leans into warm memories. It looks to family and friends for inspiration and manages to create a world of bright, humid colors.

“When my momma hear this, I know she gon’ be feelin’ this / Her son make her feel good like photosynthesis,” opens ZelooperZ. Earl, meanwhile, looks up for inspiration: “Pray Allah hold me, I keep my arms wide open / It’s never ever all over.” The point is, no matter where the inspiration comes from, what matters is bringing people together.

ZelooperZ hails from Detroit, Michigan. A longtime Danny Brown collaborator, he is also a member of the Bruiser Brigade. ‘Easter Sunday 97’ can be found on ZelooperZ new mixtape Dyn​-​o​-​mite, which dropped May 10.

Earl dropped his most recent album, Some Rap Songs, back in November. The album found him stepping away from his longtime Los Angeles collaborators and finding new friends on the other side of the country.


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